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a Lafayette water heater repair technician on the jobWater heaters are only supposed to last for about ten years, but we've serviced hundreds, if not thousands, of water heaters that struggled on for fifteen or even twenty years. Their owners tend to think that they're saving money by keeping those things alive, but that's never the case. Only ten years ago, water heater energy efficiency standards were only a fraction of what they are today, which is why biting the bullet and buying a new water heater may be the smartest financial decision that you never wanted to make. 

Older water heaters with poor insulation can radiate heat rapidly, especially during cold winter nights, which wastes a ridiculous amount of gas or electricity. Once the water cools down, it just heats it right back up again, even if it's three in the morning. Newer water heaters are built around higher insulation standards, which is why less heat will be lost to natural radiation while you're away or sleeping. Speak with our Lafayette water heater repair to learn more.

Our Lafayette Water Heater Repair Techs Do IT All

our Lafayette water heater repair tech is installing a tankless water heater

Tankless water heaters and on-demand water heaters are just what they sound like. Instead of wasting energy on radiation, tankless and on-demand water heaters only heat water up when you need it.

A tankless water heater isn't the best solution for every home and family, but ask any of our customers who have made the switch and you'll find few who would ever want to go back to their old conventional models. Speak with our Lafayette water heater repair and installation experts today to learn which kind of water heater upgrade is best for your budget and your lifestyle.

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