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Lafayette Water Line Repair And Replacement

one of our techs is working on a Lafayette water line repairWater lines are fundamental to any home or business plumbing system. The water line, a pipe that runs underneath the ground and into your building, brings water into the plumbing system from the city water supply. When water lines are damaged, it's important to fix the problem quickly so leaks don't cause any damage to your home or business. If left unchecked, leaks or breaks can cause flooding and even structural problems. There are a few signs that your water line may be ruptured or leaking:

  • Water may be pooling up or flowing from the ground or the foundation
  • Floors may exhibit water damage
  • Your home or business may have reduced water pressure
  • Spots of land around your home may be damp or weak

Call 303-536-5104 for immediate assistance with your water line.

Our Lafayette Plumbers Are Using Special Equipment

one of our plumbers is checking for leaks in the kitchenWe use special equipment to determine the exact location of your water line and the leak. Once we located and determine the cause of the leak, a section of the line will usually need to be replaced or repaired. Water lines can be repaired with food-grade epoxy coating, or the leaking section may need to be replaced with high-quality copper piping. The solution we use will depend on the nature of the problem. There are a few common causes for water line leaks.

Tree roots may penetrate the pipe, minerals may build up, water pressure may cause a rupture, freezing and thawing temperatures, or simple old age may create a leak. After we've installed a new section of piping or repaired the existing pipe, we'll pressure-test the water line to ensure there are no more leaks. In many cases, the city will need to inspect and approve the job. Finally, we'll work with you or other contractors to restore your property to its previous condition. For an on-site of your water line, call 303-536-5104.

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